Falcon or Samuel Thomas Wilson is the fictional superhero who appeared in the American comical books which are published by the Marvel comics. The character has a lot of abilities. He is a bird trainer expert and a martial artist. He has empathetic as well as telepathic links with all the birds.

Wilson is a skilled combatant and has been trained in both Karate and Judo by Steve Rogers. Wilson also is highly skilled in using the shield of Captain America. Falcon is one of the most favorable and loved characters.

The character turned out in being such a great hit that many companies have started manufacturing the costumes of Captain America. All the toys, as well as the costume for kids, have come up in the market.

The Falcon Samuel Thomas Wilson is one of the most popular characters that have entertained more than one generation. The craze for the new Captain America has increased and become stronger. If you too are a crazy fan of the new Captain America Samuel Thomas Wilson and want to dress up like him you are in the very right place.

The section below will help you with all the minute details of the costumes of the new Captain America. These days you can dress up like anyone by putting up all the costumes of the character you love. If you are interested in cosplay the new Captain America then keep reading the section.

the falcon

Costumes you need to cosplay the New Captain America

Cosplay has become more like a trend these days. It is nothing but dressing up like one’s favourite character. It is similar to Halloween. All the people in the cosplay event dress up entirely like their favorite characters. Sometimes people also dress up in their unique ways to experiment.

If you are in love with the new Captain America the Falcon Samuel Thomas Wilson and want to cosplay him. Here are some costume tips for you to dress up like him. Some of the important costume that will make you look just like the new Captain America has been mentioned below. Please take a look at the section below.

captain and falcon in the comics

  • Jumpsuit

Captain America’s costume is nothing without the jumpsuit. The jumpsuit is at the center point of the entire costume. If one does not put on the jumpsuit, all the other costumes will not matter. The jumpsuit has in total three colours: blue, white, and red with the star on the center of it.

  • Boots

The next important section of your costume is the boots. You will also need Captain America’s black boots to complete your new Captain America look. They are black made of strong material that is nivea leather. These boots are quite different from the normal boots and are very important in the costume of Captain America.

  • Gloves

Another most significant and the most needed costume are the gloves. The entire look of captain America uh will not be completed if you do not wear these gloves they are a bit unique and are of black and brown color they are made of composite leather of the best quality.

  • Leg guard

Next on the list comes the leg guard. The leg guard also plays a very important role in completing the whole look of Captain America. Not just leg guard but also handguard completes the look. The entire costume of Captain America will not look great without his guards. These guards contrast the color of the pant and are made of excellent quality.

  • Latex helmet

Next on the list comes the latex helmet. As you can too evaluate, the latex helmet is also one of the most important parts of the entire costume. It is blue and an alphabet ‘A’ is written on the center of it which represents Captain America.

Dressing up as your favorite character is a dream for many. It gives the best feeling ever. If you have a cosplay event to attend, do not miss the chance to dress up as your favorite character and to impress all your mates at the event. Hope we were able to provide you the relevant information.