Avengers: Endgame left everyone in tears with its ending. Tony and Peter’s relationship has been nothing less than a father and his son so to see Peter losing the only father figure he had was incredibly heart wrenching. But the ending of Endgame also did give hope of things returning back to normal without heroes trying to move on from their losses. But moving on from Tony is harder than Peter thought, but his next adventure awaits him in Paris and there he will have to battle Mysterio to save the world and his friends.

The next movie in the MCU Spider-Man franchise seems like it will be filled with tonnes of fun, adventure, emotions and more. But what has been discerned from the trailer is also the new costume which will get featured in the movie. We bet you want to have Spidey’s new avatar so here’s a guide on how to make or get the Black and Red Spider-man far from home cosplay costume:

Tom Holland New Black Spiderman Suit in far from home movie

Black And Red Spiderman Suit in Far From Home Movie

  • The mask: The Spider-Man mask remains the same red one with webbing outlines on it. They slanted huge eyes with whites in them are also the same. It’s easy to make this mask with a cloth bag, a black marker and some cardboard cut out for the eyes. But chances are it won’t fit you that well. So for this one, we would advise you to buy it.
  • The bodysuit: In this suit, Peter drops his usual blue color to go for black while keeping the red. It’s a great alternative to his regular but classic costume. To get the look you will need a tight fitting shirt. Choose a black one and then proceed to draw out the red lines by making use of a cloth marker and color. You need to have steady hands while getting the red webbing on the suit right.
  • Spider-Man Gloves: Spidey doesn’t go out without his gloves where he hides his web projector. You can make these gloves out of stretchy red cloth. Make sure you also have the red and black markers to make the webbing on them. Here you will also need a sewing kit as you will have to tuck and stitch the cloth to make gaps where your fingers are in the cloth. To avoid such hassle just buy a Spider-Man glove or use a regular red glove and draw the webbing on it.
  • The Tights: Making the tights is pretty easy as all you are going to all is a pair of stretchy black pants or slacks. After getting those, just draw the red webbing on them. Refer to the pictures from the trailer to get it just right.
  • Spiderman Red Boots: His red boots are easy to make and get. To make one you will need the foot portion of tight footed slacks. Now, all you have to do is draw the red and black webbing on it.

That’s it! Now your spiderman suit is ready and you can go to any comic convention ready to dazzle everyone with the new movie look.